Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Systema Japan Lesson – 7th May 2011 – Ground Work and Joint Manipulation.

1)    Stretching the body in a variety of ways. In-breath on the tensest position and out-breath when relaxing.

2)    Front rolls, back rolls, sideways rolls (turning over from the stomach to the back and then front again). This was done close together, so that everybody could get more accustomed to contact.

3)    Partner 1 (P1) pushed down on Partner 2’s (P2) shoulder’s as they did a Push Up. P2, while going down, had to push against P1’s push. The same was done on the way up. Five repetitions were performed.

4)    Squats and Sit Ups were done using the same principle and repetitions.

5)    P1 put a variety of locks (wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) on P2. The locks were put on slowly and kept in place when P2 started to do burst breathing. Once P2 started to relax, and their breathing went back to normal, P1 slowly released the tension of the lock.

6)    P1 then put more restrictive locks on P2. Any hold was ok. However, this was done slowly so that the person receiving could feel themselves and their partner. P2 had to use minimal movement to release the tension being put on by the lock. By just moving enough, the lock was lost completely and the student was able to return to a comfortable position.

7)    Again, P1 put locks on P2 but this time they used bigger movements to escape the lock. This was done by anticipating the intention of the partner to do a specific lock, moving and staying connected to the movement and direction of the lock or by waiting to feel the tension in the lock and then moving. This was more about exploring how to escape locks using your entire body rather than just a small movement. It was important to put yourself in different situations.

8)    Both partners, one after the other, did locks on each other. It was important to flow and not to try and hold tight on to a lock. This was about movement and sensitivity. This was done slowly, and with breath, so that people could perceive and take advantage of the opportunities that were given to them. This was also done with their eyes closed.

9)    While doing the same thing, both partners were asked to use their body weight if they happened to be on top. This was done to promote more movement from the bottom. While on top, the person had to feel their balance and “surf” on their partner while putting on locks. This was also done with their eyes closed.

10)  Slow wrestling was then done as a kind of massage. Gradually, the students were asked to slow down their pace and concentrate on their breath.

11)  Circle Up

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