Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vladimir Zaikovsky - Systema Japan Seminar and Special Classes – 15th to the 21st January 2011

Systema Japan members, and other Systema practitioners, were treated to a week’s training with Mikhail Ryabko’s personal student and Moscow Headquarter’s Instructor, Vladimir Zaikovsky.

Vladimir taught a special class on the 15th of January, a 1 Day Seminar on the 16th of January and then a special class every day from the 17th to the 21st of January. This was a real chance to feel and absorb the deeper principles of Systema as practiced in Russia. Personally, I feel that this week has totally changed the way I train, feel and teach when doing Systema. Due to Vladimir’s excellent teaching, I went away from this week with some principles that I can take to every training session in order to help my partners and students, and thus myself, to practise Systema in a deeper way. Some of these ideas were taking the movement as you would a special gift, adding to the movement, connecting with the rhythm of your partner’s movement and giving your partner the feeling of nothing when working with them. When working with Vladimir, in all areas, it was very difficult to perceive any tension in him whatsoever; he really did give you nothing to feel or respond to. This was truly amazing to feel! I will go into these areas as I review each of the classes.

Vladimir is a humble, friendly and fantastic teacher who is always open to questions and willing to spend time with people on a personal level during class so that they can gain a feeling of natural movement. He’s a true ambassador of Systema. I would sincerely like to thank him for everything this week. He has given me, and I think everybody who attended any of the classes, something very special. I would also like to show my deep gratitude to Andy Cefai, Head Instructor of Systema Japan, for making this event happen. We are all in your debt for giving us the chance to have this experience.

This week I will do my best to write down the notes that I took while in the classes.

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