Saturday, August 3, 2019

Ryo Onishi 3rd August Tokyo Seminar

I just want to say a big thanks to Ryo Onishi of Systems Osaka for a marvelous seminar on the 2nd of August in Tokyo. The theme of today was to learn to “power down” and not “power up.”

Essentially this means that you relax deeply and from this relaxation movement comes naturally, without needing tension to start movement.

Also when you “power down” when working with a partner, they actually relax too. This makes it difficult for them to resist because they’ve basically been switched off.

The way I felt is that your body changes quickly from the sympathetic nervous system state to the parasympathetic nervous system state. You simply just lose power but it’s very subtle, so you don’t really know that you’re in a disadvantageous position. You’re always kind of late.

Ryo shared with us that this work can be applied in any of the work that we do in Systema. We practised this principle in wrestling, striking, knife work and so many other interesting exercises.

Ryo helped us all to feel the power of relaxation and gave us an important key to understanding the depth and beauty of Systema.

Thanks once again to Ryo for the inspiring work and everyone at Systema Tobu for organising the event. 

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