Friday, November 12, 2010

Peter Annazone is coming to Japan!

I first met Peter Annazone at Spring Training in Toronto in May 2007 and then when he and his students came all the over to Japan to participate in the Masters in Japan Seminar with Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev and Daniel Ryabko in September 2007. Peter is a great person and teacher. I learned a great deal from him when he came over and I look forward to meeting and learning from him again when he comes over for the seminar in Tokyo on the 23rd of November. I recommend anybody, with interest in Systema, to take the opportunity to benefit from Peter's deep knowledge and long experience in Systema.

Please read Takahide Kitagawa's (Certified Instructor) message about the seminar:

Dear Systema Friends. We are holding the Systema class in Tokyo Japan, inviting Mr.Peter Annazone Systema Florida Instructorin U.S. The date is 23rd of November, The training will be held mainly for beginners in the morning, then gun and knife diffenses in the afternoon.For more information, please contact Taka Kitagawa, Join us in Tokyo Japan.

Please look at Taka's blog for more information and updates on the seminar:

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