Sunday, December 26, 2010

Systema Japan lesson - 15th December 2010 - Knife Work

1) Inhale and stretch the body in different ways while putting tension into the body. On the exhale, you completely relax. This is like when you're waking up in the morning.

2) Isometric Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - Five repetitions. Partner 1 (P1) placed their hands on Partner 2's (P2) shoulders and pushed down on their shoulders while P2 pushed up while lowering down. On the way up, P1 pushed down on the shoulders while P2 pushed up. It was important to allow the person to move while doing the push up. Don't stop their movement. This kind of action was done for all the exercises. These exercises come from from Martin Wheeler's New DVD The Secrets of Systema Ground Fighting.

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3) Holding hands with a partner and doing front and back rolls.

4) P1 pushed P2 with the knife. P2 had to feel the direction of the knife, move so that the flat of the knife was on the body. P2 did this by walking naturally. It was important to inhale before contact and exhale when feeling the knife's direction. This gave you more space and helped you to relax and move. It was necessary for P1 to make contact with P2 and push and cut honestly with the knife. This helped P1 to really feel the knife's direction.

5) P2 next put their hand on the knife or P1' s hand or wrist for extra safety and control and used their body to lever back the knife. This was not done with strength but just enough pressure to keep the knife in contact with the body. It was pressed against the body part in order to make it difficult for P1 to take their knife hand out. This again was done while walking naturally.

6) P2 then used one hand to evade the knife while walking naturally.

7) P2 used one hand to evade and disarm P2's knife. This was done by lightly takien hold of P1's wrist, fingers or knife to control the knife. P2 either kept the knife in P1's hand and stabbed them with their own knife or took them down or they totally disarmed the knife.

8) P2 used two hands to evade and disarm the knife in the same manner.

9) The P2 used open hand strikes to lightly strike areas of tension around the body in order to change P1's form and to disarm them.

10) In groups of four with one person in the middle. P1 would turn around while P2, P3 and P4 decided who would have the knife and attack. P1 then turned around and the person with the knife attacked them by stabbing or slashing at them. P1 then dealt with the attack and disarmed them. This was done slowly in order for them to get accustomed to this kind of work.

11) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - ten slow repetitions with breathing.

12) Circle Up

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