Saturday, April 30, 2011

Futako Shinchi Systema – 24th April 2011 – Strikes

1)   Slowly stretched the body in various ways on the ground. It was important to breathe in during the relaxed phase of the movement and breathe out in the tensest stage of the movement. This also included front rolls, back rolls and sideways rolls.

2)   In pairs, kneeling down, Partner 1 (P1) took Partner 2 (P2) down to the floor softly. While doing this, P2 had their eyes shut.

3)   P1 walked up and down P2’s body with their fists. At the start, P2 was lying on their back. After doing it three times on the front, P2 turned over onto their front and P1 walked up and down their back 3 times. This was done slowly to make sure that the wrist was always straight and that the tension was being spread though out the body.

4)    P1 did ten squats on P2’s chest and stomach

5)   In pairs, and standing up, P1 took hold of P2’s fists and brought them up so that they were parallel to the ground. It was important for P2 to do absolutely nothing apart from keeping slight tension in the fists. P2 had to relax their fists and arms completely on P1’s hands. Every now and again, P1 would drop P2’s hands to make sure that their arms were totally relaxed. It was important to make sure that the tension in P2’s fists didn’t spread into the forearms and shoulders.

6)   Due to some people not being able to let go of all their tension when their fists were being held, we did a slow ten count push up. Ten on the way down and ten on the way up.

7)    We did Drill 5) a little bit more.

8)   P1 this time took hold of P2’s wrists and moved P2’s fist and arm around in a variety of directions. As before, P2 placed emphasis on keeping tension in the fist and wrist while allowing P1 to move their arm around. P2 had to let go of all the control of their limb.

9)    Standing behind P2, P1 placed the side of their fist on P2’s shoulder muscles.

10) From the same position, P1 let their fist drop down onto P2’s shoulder muscles. It was important for their arm to be totally relaxed. On contact, the hand closed to form a fist with slight tension in it. This was gradually done from higher and higher positions. It was important for P2 to breathe out on contact, to keep their form and relax. If the person felt fear or pain, they were advised to burst breath to rid themselves of these effects.

11) In pairs, P1 walked towards P2. P2, not moving from their spot, placed their fist in a correct position, stopped and, while doing this, slightly redirected P1 off their original path. It was important to do this very softly but with confidence. If you do this very strongly, it puts a lot of tension into your partner thus making it more difficult to stop or redirect them. If you do it softly, so that, except for your fist, your whole body is relaxed, the person doesn't feel the tension or a threat and stays relaxed and almost redirects themselves.

12) P1 again walked towards P2 but this time P2 subtly stuck them from close range only using the relaxed weight of their arm. On contact, slight tension was put into the fist. When doing this, emphasis was on keeping the partner as relaxed as possible and then at the very end , when they felt safe and comfortable, you struck. It was necessary not to show them the strike. You hit from their blind points, such as very close to the body. We also used more obvious strikes to change the person’s form and direction. This made it even easier to do a “stealth” strike.

13)  Same thing was done but against three people walking towards you.

14) We next practised striking the face. When doing this, we placed the fist on the soft part of the face between the cheek and jaw bone. As with the drill earlier, at the point of contact we had to close our fist and put tension into it without having tension anywhere else. We only used the weight of the arm and made contact with the whole surface of the fist.  This was done from a short distance away from the face. It wasn't done too hard but the strikes progressively got heavier. It was important to work at the level of your partner. We did this 3 times on each side of the face, changed over and then changed over again.

15)  We did the same work as Drill 13) but this time we pushed the face or just tapped the cheek very softly with the fist

16)  Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Leg Raises - ten slow repetitions inhaling on the way dowe and exhaling on the way up.

17)  Circle Up

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