Saturday, May 21, 2011

Futako Shinchi Lesson – 8th May 2011 – Individual Ground Movement/ Ground Movement against Kicks

1)    Walking and running with breathing (forwards and backwards) - 1 step/ 1 In-breath and 1 step/ 1 Out-breath. This went up to 10 steps/1 In-breath etc. and then down again.

The following exercises (2 to 5), at the top stage and the bottom stage for the squat, the students inhaled, exhaled and then held their breath for as long as possible. Once they finished holding their breath, they did burst breathing until they recovered.

2)    From the standing position, we slowly lowered our upper bodies, moving one vertebrae at a time, until we touched our toes or the floor. This was done 20 seconds on the way down and on the way up.

3)    Push Ups (keeping the hips and legs on the floor), Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises – 20 seconds going down and 20 seconds going up. Burst breathing was done throughout the exercises. The count was done very slowly.

4)    We next did a slow squat to a 20 second count.

5)    The same was done for a Sit Up (at the top stage we relaxed our bodies forward) and Leg Raise.

6)    Laying down on the back, front and on the left and right sides, the students inhaled, exhaled, held their breath for as long as possible and then did burst breathing to recover.

7)    Front rolls, back rolls and sideways rolls. First, the sideway rolls were done with the hands and feet kept off the floor and then in a more relaxed fashion with the hands and feet on the floor.

8)    In a keeling position, we slid the right leg back so we sitting on our bottom with left leg (front) bent and the right leg (back) bent and the toes pointing in the same direction. We then moved both knees up so that we were sitting on our bottom with our knees up. From here, we put our knees on the ground. The right leg (front) and left leg (back) were bent with the toes pointing in the same direction. Using the knees as a base, we raised our hips up and moved the back left leg up so that it meets the right leg and you return to the kneeling position. This was done in both directions. This is known as "The Bicycle".

9)    Students then practiced putting all of the ground movements together in a slow and smooth way with breath.

10)  In pairs, Partner 1 (P1) walked towards Partner 2 (P2), who was sitting on the ground, in a straight line. P2, while keeping connected to P1’s movement, moved out of the way, just enough for P1 to be able to walk pass without being obstructed. P1 just walked straight through.

11) Next P1 followed P2 as they evaded them. It was important not to rush and to keep connected to your partner’s movement. This was done for P1 and P2.

12)  Again, P1 walked in a straight towards P2 but this time they kicked. P2 evaded P1’s movement.

13) P1 followed and made a kicking motion towards P2. P2 just evaded this movement.

14) P1 followed and push kicked P2. P2 relaxed, breathed, felt the direction of the push and constantly, slowly and smoothly moved

15) The same was done but this time in groups of three. P1, P2 followed and push kicked P3. P3 breathed, relaxed and moved constantly to evade the push kicks. The partners also used light kicks, in order to promote movement.

16) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Leg Raises - ten slow repetitions inhaling on the way down and exhaling on the way up.

17) Circle Up

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