Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Futako Shinchi Systema – 1st May 2011 – Strikes

1)  Stretching the body in a variety of ways. In-breath on the tensest position and out-breath when relaxing.

2)  Front rolls, back rolls and sideways rolls (turning over from the stomach to the back and then front again).

3)  Same work but this time the students did it so that they were touching and rolling over each other.

4)  Students practiced going down to the ground from the standing position and stood up again. This was done by exhaling on the way down and inhaling on the way up. Different breath patterns were practiced.

5)  While the students were walking around, they went down to the ground, at the sound of a clap, and then got back up again.

6)  They next did the same work but in their own time.

7)  In the push up position, everybody walked around the gym on their fists and feet. They did this going forwards, backwards and to the left and right.

8)  Same was done but in a dip position with the stomach pointing up to the ceiling.

9)  In pairs, Partner (P1) got into a push up position on Partner 2 (P2). P1 then turned over from a push up position to a dip position and back again. They made sure to keep their wrists straight and to make contact with all of the surface of the fists. P1 went around the body to the right and then went the other way.

10) P1 then did squats on P2. P1 stood on different parts of the P2’s body. This was done on the front and back. It was important to only stand on the muscles.

11)  With feet against the wall and legs bent, the students walked out in to a push up position on their fists. At this point, the back should be totally straight and parallel to the floor. They then walked back, with their fists, so that their legs were bent again.

12)  P1 stood with their back to the wall, while P2 walked up and down their body with their fists. They then did it facing the wall. This was done three times each.

13)  While P1 walked around naturally, P2 pushed them with their fists. It was important to push from the fist and make sure that there wasn’t any tension in the arm, shoulders and body, apart from the fist. The same was done standing on the knees and on the ground.

14) Same thing was done but with striking. The students only pushed the face.

15)  P1 tried to grab P2 in a variety of ways. P2 had to evade and push and stop P1 with the fist.

16) Same work but with strikes.

17) Massage

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