Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Origins of Power – Learning and Applying the Internal Aspects of Systema

The Origins of Power – Learning and Applying the Internal Aspects of Systema

Dates 19 -22 September
18 September: Arrival/registration and welcome dinner
19 – 22 September: Intensive training and cultural activities
23 September: Return home

Contact: for details and more information on how to apply.

Mikhail Ryabko welcomes all to join him in Russia, the birthplace of Systema for the experience of a lifetime - a week of intensive training and revelations of the origins of power through exploring and learning the internal aspects of Systema. Immerse yourself in training under the legendary Mikhail Ryabko, and his top Russian Instructors while absorbing the rich culture of Russia.

You will experience the New School methodology of focusing on the internal facets of training Systema to access your natural grace and power.

The new shift and approach in teaching methodology does not contradict or conflict Systema as a whole or any of the past teachings from the masters. It is a new look at how we can study the internal side of Systema to develop greater sensitivity and open our eyes to lesser-known or even previously-unknown aspects of Systema.
Experience the practical application of Systema Internal work in combat and health practices.

You will return from this experience with clear steps on how to develop and enhance your sensitivity and power that will permeate through every activity and action you do.

Also available will be the famous Russian Stick Massage and Russian Banya – both must be experienced to believe.
Please see the below special message from Mikhail Ryabko.

Dear Friends
Let me take an opportunity to personally invite you to join us in Russia and to offer you Systema experience at its purest! I believe this is great opportunity to dive deep into spirit of Russian Martial Arts and to have your most important questions about Systema answered. Our best instructors and myself will be there to share our knowledge and to assist you personally during your intensive training.
I look forward to seeing you in Russia!
Mikhail Ryabko

Previous experience in Systema or Martial Arts is not required.
Beginners – learn the foundation of Systema with the founder of Systema in Russia, no secrets, just open access to information people travel the world over for. Step by step instruction on how to access and develop natural power and movement.

Systema Teachers – Experience and learn how to teach the internal aspects of Systema, never have the internal aspects been so focused on, take advantage of this intensive training session and take away the understanding and ability to continue your own development and also to pass on the knowledge and drills necessary to for others to realize their true potential.

Translation in Japanese and English will be available.
For more details on the this rare opportunity please contact Systema Japan –

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