Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vladimir Zaikovsky Systema Japan February 2016Seminar & Special ClassesReview

On behalf of Systema Japan I'd like to thank Vladimir Zaikovsky for what was another profound and inspirational seminar and series of special classes. Vladimir took us deeper into some of the essential principles of Systema in a clear and concise way. Some of these were: knowing your enemy, continuity of movement, independence, maintaining a normal state, maintaining control and not being in your head. 

Something that became clearer for me was that a slight change in your internal state can have a dramatic effect on whether you're in control of the situation or not. When this state was right, the result was right and when it wasn't, the result was wrong. But this is something you can't analyze through watching from the outside or being verbally instructed, you have to experience it. And Vladimir patiently and generously gave all participants who asked for help an experience of this feeling, so they would have something to use as a gauge in their further training.

Big thanks to Ryo Onishi and Tarota Inagaki for their excellent translation during the seminar and special classes and Sanbongi and all of the Systema Japan Instructors and students who helped during the seminar and special classes.

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