Monday, October 16, 2017

Mikhail & Daniil Ryabko 3 Day Mt.Fuji Camp Review

Just finished the 3 Day Fuji Camp! I'd like to thank Mikhail and Daniil Ryabko for sharing with us so much during this seminar.

The main principle that was explored was maintaining or returning to a natural balanced posture where you have maximum comfort. Mikhail explained and showed clearly that by keeping or returning to this comfortable condition, we were able to return a person's power back to them or not allow them to transfer their power into us, therefore keeping it for themselves. It didn't matter how strongly you held Mikhail, he was always able, without a hint of effort or power, to return the power we were giving out back to us.

We started from the ground up first of all being fully grabbed with power and then gradually doing it before contact. It was also applied to knife work and strikes.

This was very deep work that enabled us to find a deeper level of relaxation while at the same time uncovering unconscious tension that we have. The main thing was to remain comfortable or if uncomfortable return back to a comfortable safe position. 

There were so many profound experiences had and so much information shared that it'll take a long time for it to sink in but I'm looking forward to continuing this work from now on. As Mikhail said many times during the seminar, practice is most important. 

Thank you again to Mikhail and Daniil for their patience and generosity throughout the event. And thank you also to  Taka and Aya and all of the Systema Tokyo staff for organising such a special event.

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