Thursday, May 14, 2020

Healing of the Eyes and Body 14/10/20 Online Class Review

Thank you so much to Vladimir Vasiliev for the "Healing of the Eyes & Body" online class just now. It was such an excellent class. It was all about relaxing the tension in various parts of the body, thus bringing relaxation and health. 

One of the things that was very interesting was doing wave tension/ relaxation work to push blood towards joints, therefore helping with possible injuries or just bringing more health.

In the last part of the class, we concentrated on healing the eyes by breathing and particular movements and exercises to decrease tension and increase relaxation in the eyes. I was thinking at the time that just this section was a health system in itself. Systema just continues to astound me with its depth and creativity! I'll be sure to continue these exercises from now on. I look forward to the next class!

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