Thursday, May 21, 2020

22nd May Handgun Solo Training Class

Yesterday’s Handgun Solo Training class with Vladimir Vasiliev was excellent. From a Systema perspective, Vladimir introduced to us in a very clear and progressive way the fundamentals of handling a gun. He shared with us many interesting drills, such as splitting your attention between yourself and the outside environment while holding a gun and checking what we can actually perceive from different positions. He also showed how we can smoothly draw a gun in a variety of ways and situations. The tennis ball drills were especially fun. Of course, we did so much more as well!

For me personally, it was such a fun class and I learned a lot. Honestly, I have no experience with guns really, so it was a pleasure to learn something new. This topic is something that I haven’t really had the chance to practice in Systema. 

However, what was more important was applying the Systema principles we use everyday in our training to the gun. Same principles, different tool. Of course, there are some new skills to learn but what is most important, as always, is applying Systema to whatever you may use, for example a gun, knife or stick etc. Systema truly can be used in every aspect of life.

Lastly, it was amazing to see Vladimir using a gun in such a precise, relaxed and creative manner. He is so free in his thinking and movement. Truly inspiring. Thank you so much to Vladimir and Valerie for continuing to organize these classes. I can’t wait for Saturday’s “Online with the Masters” class this Saturday!

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