Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Handgun Part 2 Online Class 28/5/20

What a great Handgun Part 2 online class with Vladimir Vasiliev! Calm, smooth and quiet work with a gun. Pure Systema!! The end of the class when we were hiding behind a chair to escape from a gunshot was just simply too much fun. Like being a kid again! Thanks to Vladimir and Valerie for continuing to put on these amazing classes.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Online with the Masters Online Class 23/5/20

Wonderful online class last night with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev! The content of the class was based on questions asked by the participants. The main practice of the class was how to overcome your fear. We practised this by learning how to fall without fear. With the help of demonstrations from Daniil Ryabko and Eric Peres, Mikhail and Vladimir joyfully guided us all how to do this.

The reason for practising this exercise was really not to practise the skill of falling, but to reduce the tension in our head and in our thoughts. Mikhail said that you have to feel the moment when fear comes in, relax and fall. It’s as if you’re jumping off a plane with a parachute. 

Mikhail also gave us an example of falling without fear by dropping a piece of paper. We should fall like that. Mikhail demonstrated this and he just fell without any plan in mind, but he landed so softly. Amazing to see!

The whole class was just so positive, fun and full of inspirational and profound teachings about many topics. It was a real pleasure to be part of such a class. Thanks once again to Mikhail, Vladimir, and, of course, Valerie for the great class!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

22nd May Handgun Solo Training Class

Yesterday’s Handgun Solo Training class with Vladimir Vasiliev was excellent. From a Systema perspective, Vladimir introduced to us in a very clear and progressive way the fundamentals of handling a gun. He shared with us many interesting drills, such as splitting your attention between yourself and the outside environment while holding a gun and checking what we can actually perceive from different positions. He also showed how we can smoothly draw a gun in a variety of ways and situations. The tennis ball drills were especially fun. Of course, we did so much more as well!

For me personally, it was such a fun class and I learned a lot. Honestly, I have no experience with guns really, so it was a pleasure to learn something new. This topic is something that I haven’t really had the chance to practice in Systema. 

However, what was more important was applying the Systema principles we use everyday in our training to the gun. Same principles, different tool. Of course, there are some new skills to learn but what is most important, as always, is applying Systema to whatever you may use, for example a gun, knife or stick etc. Systema truly can be used in every aspect of life.

Lastly, it was amazing to see Vladimir using a gun in such a precise, relaxed and creative manner. He is so free in his thinking and movement. Truly inspiring. Thank you so much to Vladimir and Valerie for continuing to organize these classes. I can’t wait for Saturday’s “Online with the Masters” class this Saturday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Striking Power Online Class 18/5:20

Thank you so much to Adam and Brendon Zettler for another excellent online class this morning. We learned how to use breathing to turn tension, pain or an injury into relaxation and power. However, this time there was an emphasis on transferring this relaxation and power to the fists. This helped us to develop more Striking Power.

With the progression of exercises Adam and Brendon shared, you were gradually able to build more and more fullness in the fists, while keeping the body light and open. It was great to feel and even more amazing that you were able to feel this by solo-training. Truly outstanding class and I look forward to the next one!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Breathing for Health and Power 15/10/20 Online Class

Thanks so much to Adam Zettler for the phenomenal online class this morning. We studied accumulating power through natural movements. Every movement should give you power. This is not just good for health, but also combat.

By breathing we learned how to open up tension in the body giving you relaxation and power. We also learned to connect the body by breathing with the whole body, therefore giving you even more power. It was important not to lose this feeling while doing any movement. Even though it was 2:30 am when I finished, I felt so energized!

Healing of the Eyes and Body 14/10/20 Online Class Review

Thank you so much to Vladimir Vasiliev for the "Healing of the Eyes & Body" online class just now. It was such an excellent class. It was all about relaxing the tension in various parts of the body, thus bringing relaxation and health. 

One of the things that was very interesting was doing wave tension/ relaxation work to push blood towards joints, therefore helping with possible injuries or just bringing more health.

In the last part of the class, we concentrated on healing the eyes by breathing and particular movements and exercises to decrease tension and increase relaxation in the eyes. I was thinking at the time that just this section was a health system in itself. Systema just continues to astound me with its depth and creativity! I'll be sure to continue these exercises from now on. I look forward to the next class!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Breathe into Power Online Class 10/5/20

I just want to say a big thanks to Kwan Lee, Adam and Brendon Zettler for the great Breathe into Power online class yesterday. It was certainly challenging but I felt so energized afterwards. They reviewed some of the work that Vladimir Vasiliev has been studying in his own online classes recently.

The main principle in this class that was covered was how to convert tension into relaxation, therefore giving you power. Power was explained by the three of them as a state of relaxation, readiness, sensitivity and openness. However, this is something that is difficult to explain. It’s a feeling that must be felt and cultivated.

We mainly practised this principle using the 3 core exercises of Systema: push ups, squats and leg raises. We either did them statically, slowly or quickly. However, the main focus while doing them was the same. With the inhale you needed to find tension and open the tension in the muscle up, therefore giving you relaxation and power. It was also important to keep full sensitivity and presence in the body while doing the movements at all times, especially in the hands. I particularly felt that if there was any tension at all in the body it took power away from your body and hands. Once you released that tension it went directly to the hands.

When you are fatigued, especially in a particular part of the body, it tends to draw your attention and feeling to that place, diminishing your sensitivity and power in the body. With the exercises that Kwan and the Zettler twins covered, it was important not to shrink in feeling but remain open and free or return to that state as quickly as possible. 

With Vladimir’s classes and also this class I also noticed that when you have self pity you lose this freedom and power. That’s why it’s so important to get to the point where you experience self pity and learn to overcome it. So important at this time. Thanks again to Vladimir, Kwan, Adam and Brendon for sharing this important principle with us. 

Having 3 senior Instructors giving their take on Vladimir’s work and giving feedback in the space of about one and half hours is beyond value. The way that they naturally weaved their teaching approaches together to create such a great class was also amazing to see. 

Kwan said this was a first of its kind class because 3 Systema Senior Instructors were teaching online side-by-side. It was a great success and I certainly look forward to participating in another one in the future. I highly recommend other people do so, if they have the chance.