Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sergey Ozereliev & Vladimir Zaikovsky Systema Osaka February 10th & 11th "Practical Self Defense Situations" Seminar Review

I’d like to thank Sergey Ozereliev and Vladimir Zaikovsky for what was a very special seminar in Osaka last weekend. The beauty of Systema is that people with different physical attributes, psychological make-ups, experience and from any background can enjoy, practice and gradually grow in Systema in their own unique way specific to who they are. Practitioners of Systema progressively start to know themselves and, while using the same principles, apply them in their own original way. This is not a cookie cutter method.


Last weekend we saw exactly the potential for how a person can do this. Sergey Ozereliev and Vladimir Zaikovksy are both individuals and approach and explain Systema in different ways but what they express purely in their own way are the principles of Systema as taught by Mikhail Ryabko. To have two Senior Instructors of this caliber in the same room was an inspiration.


We covered a lot during the seminar, for example distracting attention, giving and taking away support, finding comfort and giving discomfort and feeling a person’s intention, but the interesting thing was observing how Sergey and Vladimir approached the same work. The way of demonstrating, the explanation and the particular focus were always different but this gave the attendees the ability to look at a principle from more than one perspective, therefore helping everyone to get a bigger picture of what Systema is.


Sergey and Vladimir literally “worked” all day. They welcomed anybody to come and train with them and they did this continually throughout the weekend. Participants had the great opportunity to feel for themselves the potential of Systema training, if the principles are trained in the right way.


The theme was “Practical Self Defense Situations” and a lot of the work was very realistic and intense but, of course, fun and trained in the spirit of Systema. Sergey and Vladimir welcomed more honest attacks and as Ryo Onishi mentioned are able to move up to “second gear” at will without thinking about it. To feel this work was inspiring after but during it almost felt like going near a dangerous animal at times because of my own fear. However, Sergey and Vladimir were completely controlled and calm throughout and did not cause injury to anybody. And they always did it with a smile. From the outside they looked different but the feeling when working with them was generally the same.


What I learned from Sergey and Vladimir more than anything is that you need to be sure with what you’re doing. Sergey said that you need to have “internal confidence” while Vladimir explained it as having “internal comfort.” This is a small example of how they share the same principle but in a different way. For me it was clear, when you had this “confidence” or “comfort,” things went well. If you didn’t, things generally didn’t go as well as expected. However, this is not something that can be copied it’s something that you must get for yourself through training. It can’t be taken or given you must grow it for yourself. To do this patience and trust in the training is essential.


All I can say is that everyone was very lucky to have this experience. If anyone gets the chance to train with either Sergey or Vladimir or both at the same time, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. I’d especially like to thank Ryo Onishi and the Systema Osaka staff for organizing such a great event. I look forward to meeting up with new and old friends at the Systema Japan Mikhail & Daniil Ryabko Tokyo seminar in May.

Vladimir Zaikovsky Systema Japan February 3rd & 4th "Situational Precision" Review

I'd like to thank Vladimir Zaikovsky for what was a few amazing days of training during the "Situational Awareness and Precision" seminar and special classes. It's always difficult to put into words to explain what Vladimir shares because as he says "words don't explain the thing" but I'll do my best.

I think most people, including myself, went into the seminar with an idea that we would be learning how to precisely analyze a situation and make the best choice to live. What Vladimir gave was much deeper than this, he actually helped us to access our own intuitive perception to not analyze but feel a situation. This is something that all human beings have but either don't listen to or gradually bury due to too much tension and stress.

We did this by increasing our awareness inside our body and then expanded this awareness outside, so we can feel more of what is going on in people, for example a person's intention, and the surroundings. We covered so much but this interplay between internal and external awareness is what we became re-accustomed with over what were a very quick few days. And once you feel it, this change in perception becomes very clear and accessible. It's something you can switch on and off when needed.

Something that Vladimir said really made an impression on me and it was that "your perception can be bigger than your body." We can sometimes get so locked into our bodies, feelings and thoughts that we forget that there is a whole world out there that we are kind of unconnected with. From a self-protection perspective, this can be fatal because we can't feel a threat coming or simply that a certain place does n't feel comfortable.

What Vladimir shared with us helped us to expand our perception, so that we can feel a change in a person who decides to attack you and simply absorb more information from our surroundings. Vladimir always approaches subjects in a unique and profound way that always opens our eyes to a new way of doing things that before were not imaginable. I can't recommend Vladimir enough. Anybody who gets a chance should go and train with him. I'm looking forward to another great experience with Sergey Ozereliev and Vladimir Zaikovsky in Osaka this weekend. I'm sure it'll be another great one!

Monday, November 27, 2017

二子新地システマ12月, 1月、2月, 3月の新しい予定です!

12月 (高津スポーツセンター)
クラス1 時間:15時20分~18時10分
クラス2 時間:18時半~19時40分

 1月 (高津スポーツセンター)

2月 (高津スポーツセンター)

3月 (高津スポーツセンター)

Friday, November 10, 2017





12月10日(日) 16時〜20時 合同忘年会20時30分〜

文京区立江戸川橋体育館 柔道場


参加費:一般3,000円 or システマ会員2,000円


・ブレット・アダムス、人吉崇行、立川恭太郎 from システマジャパン

・西部嘉泰 from システマ吉祥寺

・藤盛啓泰、田藤健作  from システマ埼京

・杉本哲二 from 熊本

・稲垣多朗太 from システマの学校

。天田憲明 from システマボストーク

・近藤豊、三木正彦、蔵部友子 from システマ東京Iit

・伊藤烈 from システマ府中

・北川文、北川貴英 from システマ東京 





Sunday, October 22, 2017


I'm sorry for such short notice but I've decided to cancel today's class due to the current weather conditions and potential trouble with trains and traffic.

I'm very sorry about this and look forward top seeing everyone next week.