Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lesson 2. Strikes for Relaxation - Mikhail Ryabko

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"Thank you very much again for another great clip. I was lucky enough to experience this work from Mikhail at this particular seminar.

All I can say is that the feeling of great power moving through my body was very obvious. When Mikhail did it, I could feel the energy reverberate through my body and burst out of my knees.

The interesting thing is that even though there was great power there, each strike released me of my fear rather than increasing it. These strikes also made me pay instant attention to my breathing and psychological condition.

I found that burst breathing really helped me to keep calm while receiving these strikes. Each strike seemed to make me focus more and more on burst breathing. This really showed me the importance of this kind of breathing to reduce fear and pain.

Even though my shoulders hurt a little, I felt invigorated and very relaxed after this experience."

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