Thursday, January 6, 2011

Systema Japan Lesson - 5th January 2011 - Evasion from Kicks on the Ground

1) Inhale and stretch the body in different ways while putting tension into the body. On the exhale, you completely relax. This is like when you're waking up in the morning.

2) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - Groups of Three. P1 did the exercise while P2 and P3 push kicked them in tense areas. P1 had to breath, relax, keep their form as much as possible while feeling the direction of the push and moving that particular body part in the same direction. This allowed the push kick to slide off. It was important for P2 and P3 to keep their balance, not over extend themselves and kick from the knee with as little tension as possible. They needed to try and affect P1's whole body through the point where they pushing.

3) In groups of three, with two people standing up and fairly close together, P1 had to move through and around their legs while on the ground. P1 could move on their front, back and side using their entire body to move or just using their shoulders. Each movement done was matched with one breath.

4) This lead on to the people standing up push kicking the person on the bottom while they were moving around and between their legs. P1, on the ground, had to pay attention to make sure they were constantly breathing, staying relaxed as possible, keeping their form and moving. If they felt panic, they had to use burst breathing to recover.

5) As in Exercise 4), P1 was on the ground and P2 and P3 were standing up, and quite close together. P1 then did front rolls and back rolls around them while the people standing up push kicked them and prevented their movement with their legs.

6) In pairs, P1 slowly, smoothly and constantly moved on the gound while P2 push kicked them around. The objective of P1 was to feel the direction of the push, allow it to move them while still constantly breathing and moving. To point out again, this was done slowly and with patience. P2 had to kick in the same as descibed in Exercise 2) but this time while walking.

7) P1 then avoided P2's push kicksaltogether.  P1 did this slowly, smoothly and with patience. They had to make sure that they didn't get excited.

8) P1 then allowed P2 to make contact but instead of going with the movement of the push, they moved the part of their body being pushed so that the kick would slide off. P1 redirected P2's push kick.

9) P1 next used their hands, elbow, shoulders, feet, knees to redirect the kick from P2. The intent was to guide the kicking foot rather than pushing it away. P1 explored different movements to deal with the kick such as passing the foot from hand to hand, foot to foot, hand to foot, foot to hand and other combinations like this. These weren't taught as technique but rather it was about learning about different movements.

10) P1 then did the same thing but this time extended P2's leading foot thus taking them to the ground. This was to be done when P2's full commitment to the kick was made so that they were no longer in control. This was to be done softly and subtly as possible, in order not to telegraph your intention to your partner. Again, this was done with different body parts.

11) P1 extended P2's leading foot in the same way but then also affected their supporting leg either by bringing them down or just putting them in an uncomfortable position. P1 also practised working directly against P2's supporting leg. It was important not to desire to do this but rather allow it to happen naturally.

12) Free Work - P1 explored bringing P2 down doing what was previously practised and tried things out such as using P2's arm for extra leverage or affecting their hips. This was done calmly so that the different opportunities given could be taken advantage of.

13) P1, with their eyes closed, then moved around on the ground while P2 pushed them with their foot. P1 breathed, relaxed, kept their form and kept calm. This was done to develop sensitivity.

14) The same drill was then done in groups of three.

15) Push Up and Squat - slow ten seconds repetition (10 seconds in each direction). These exercises were done with constant Burst Breathing. This was done to calm down everybody.

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