Saturday, February 26, 2011

Futako Shinchi Systema Lesson - 20th February 2011 - Falling, Manipulating Form and Grab and Escape

1) Moving and circling all the joints from the neck all the way through the body until the toes. The breathing was matched to the movement and the exhale was done when there was most tension building up in the area.

2) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and leg Raises - 10 slow repetitions (5 reps - inhale and exhale. 5 reps - exhale and inhale).

3) Students practised front rolls and back rolls circling the gym.

4) Partner 1 (P1) slowly twisted and extended Partner 2's (P2) wrists, elbows, shoulders head, knees and ankles. P2 had to escape the lock in a smooth, slow and calm manner.

5) In pairs, one person knelt down, with their eyes open at the start and then with eyes closed, and their partner softly took them down to the ground by affecting different joints and tension points.

6) Same drill but this time from standing. All the way through these drills. emphasis was placed on breathing out in a relaxed way while going down and momentarily being totally relaxed when first meeting the floor. Eyes were closed so that the students could pay more attention to themselves, be more sensitive to movement and also reduce their fear of falling.

7) P1 grabbed different parts of P2's body such as the neck, throat and wrists and P1 escaped while breathing, relaxing, keeping their form and walking naturally.

8) P2 then took P1 down after evading the grab. P2 was able to apply some of the work practised in Exercise 5 and 6.

9) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - 10 slow repetitions.

10) Circle Up

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