Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Futako Shinchi Lesson - 3rd April 2011 – Movement in Response to Pushes.

1)    Slowly stretching the body in various ways on the ground. It was important to breath in during the relaxed phase of the movement and breath out in the most tense stage of the movement.

2)    Walking and running with breathing (forwards and backwards) - 1 step/ 1 In-breath and 1 step/ 1 Out-breath. This went up to 10 steps/1 In-breath etc. and then down again.

3)    In a push up position, we walked on our hands and feet around the gym. This was done forwards, backwards and sideways.

4)    We did the same thing but instead turned over so our stomach was facing up.

5)    Front Rolls, Back rolls and turning over from the stomach to the back (spindles).

6)    Partner 1 (P1) constantly moves around on the ground while Partner 2 (P2) pushes them with their hands.

7)    P1 and P2 did the same thing but standing up.

8)    P1 and P2 then started to push each other while walking around. P1 pushed P2, P2 accepted the push and then pushed P1 back. It was important to breathe, relax, keep you form and use the push that your partner is giving you in order to push them back. This was done with a few partners.

9)    Same again but this time on the ground. It was important to move constantly and smoothly. This was also done with a number of partners.

10)  Standing up, P1 pushed P2 while they were walking around naturally. P2, while keeping connected to P1’s movement, used their hands, elbows and shoulders to guide P2’s pushing hands. P2’s hands were not be blocked or pushed in any way. They were to be very lightly touched. If possible, P1 shouldn’t have felt the P2’s guiding hands.

11)  The students practiced changing their partner’s form, in order to be able to take them down. Emphasis was placed on manipulating the neck and then affecting another part of the body, such as the hips and knees, so that they could be taken down softly.

12)  P1 stood with their back against a wall while P2 tried to push them from a distance. P1 had to move their body out of the line of attack, change P2’s form and take them down.

13)  Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - 10 slow repetitions.

14)  Circle Up

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