Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Confirmed Dates for February, March, April and May 2012

These are the confirmed dates for February, March, April and May.

February (At Takatsu Sports Centre) 2月(高津スポーツセンター) 
5日(Hidekazu Doi) , 12, 19
日 (Hidekazu Doi), 26

On the 5th and 19th of February please contact Hidekazu Doi to confirm that you will attend the class.

Hidekazu Doi Contact Information

Cellphone: 08055039907

March  (At Takatsu Sports Centre) 3月(高津スポーツセンター) 
4, 11, 18日,

April  (At Takatsu Sports Centre) 4月(高津スポーツセンター) 
1, 8, 22日,

May (At Takatsu Sports Centre) 5月(高津スポーツセンター) 
6, 27



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