Monday, February 16, 2015



In the Wednesday 28th of January class we carried on with the topic of strikes but applied them to work against multiple attackers. Class was started off with massage which then progressed onto getting used to contact with breathing, relaxation and correct form while doing an assortment of the 4 core exercises, such as doing push ups on a partner. Giving and receiving pushes and strikes in pairs were reviewed but this time at different levels and constantly changing levels. Similar work was then done in groups, gradually getting each student used to receiving and returning strikes in a calm and relaxed way while moving. Emphasis was put on keeping a calm state and finding the tension and support in the partner's body and relaxing the fist through it while not giving any support. Class was finished with massage in order to help the students return to their original physical and psychological state. The footage below shows a little bit of some of the drills that were practised. Well done everyone on a great class!

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