Saturday, September 2, 2017

Adam Zettler Systema Japan July Special Class reviews

July 4th Special Class

In Adam Zettler's special class last night we worked on grab & escape with a focus on moving from breathing. He said that the breath should lead the movement. To practice this, we did the work while exhaling and inhaling. He said that working while inhaling is especially good because you can feel your tension and limitations more clearly.
Adam explained to us that we should be "empty of tension, full of breathing." This really sums up what we've been working on during Adam's time with us.

July 5th Special Class

Adam Zettler's last class in Tokyo last night was like the cherry on top of the icing of a cake. Even though it was the last class of a very inspiring and challenging 5 days, a lot of people came to get a final experience of working with Adam. Such a fun and intense class. It was non-stop movement on all levels separated by intense static work with intent to relax everybody further. And the result was obvious. 
The feeling at the end of this class and week was a very similar feeling to that when you have been in Toronto for a week. Fully energized, with a feeling of free movement without fear. But this was all possible because Adam progressively helped us to breathe more fully and relax more deeply over the week. And when working with him, he gave you that clear feeling of relaxed power, so that automatically after working with him, you immediately felt more energized and relaxed to work.
So on behalf of Systema Japan and all of the participants that attended the seminar and 3 special classes, we would like sincerely thank Adam for everything he gave us while he was here. Such an unforgettable experience. And, of course, we would like to show our deepest thanks to Vladimir and Valerie for their unending support and guidance.

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