Thursday, July 25, 2019

Daniil Ryabko “The Essence” seminar & last special class review July 2019

Thanks so much to Daniil Ryabko again for his last class in Tokyo. Absolutely brilliant  class. The main theme of ”The Essence” seminar and special classes was how to affect a person’s form and balance while keeping your own. 

Tonight we applied this to knife work when both people are on the ground and when one with the knife was standing while the other was on the ground. The work gradually became more intense and faster. 

The main points were to affect the person’s balance, move from the body into a good position from an attack with a knife and control using little power. Daniil, of course, demonstrated everything with ease but we have a lot to work to do to become as free as him. I can’t wait to practise this work further though!

Thanks for all of the hard work from Systema Tokyo’s Taka and Aya Kitagawa and all the staff who helped. And, of course, all of our appreciation must go to Mikhail Ryabko for his guidance and inspiration.

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