Monday, April 13, 2020

12/4/20 Toronto HQ Online Class

I just want to say thank you to Vladimir
and Valerie Vasiliev for such a great online class this morning. It was early in the morning for us in Japan but definitely worth it. 10 minutes into the class I felt completely energized and awake.

The session theme was about using breathing to melt tension and convert it into relaxation and power. By breathing out and relaxing it didn’t mean you shrank and collapsed but you actually felt fuller every time you breathed in and out. Just from this one class, I feel like I have enough homework for a year or two!

Although the class was online, Vladimir was as inspirational and awe inspiring as ever, mixed with some good humor. All of this is needed at a time like this. Honestly, the feeling after class I had was basically the same as being in one of Vladimir’s classes. Energized, inspired and happy. 

Although for us in Japan it was early, I completely forgot about the time and just enjoyed it. It was also really nice as it was really quiet too. I highly recommend that anybody in Japan and around the world make the most of this opportunity. Essentially Vladimir teaching you in your living room. Can’t get better and more convenient than that! I’ll certainly be doing another one.

Thanks so much again to Vladimir, Valerie and, of course, Eric Torres and Natasha for the demonstrations.

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