Monday, November 15, 2010

Futako Shinchi Systema Lesson - 14th November

1) Walking and running with breathing - 1 step/ 1 In-breath and 1 step/ 1 Out-breath. This went up to 10 steps/1 In-breath etc. and then down again.

2) Back Extension Push Up (like Valentin Talanov DVD), Sit up, Leg Raise and Squat - 40 seconds repetition (slow 20 seconds each direction). At the top of the movement, we held our breath on the out breath for as long as we could and then did burst breathing until we recovered.

3) In pairs, one person pushed the other person around by the head. They moved the person's head from hand to hand. The person who was being pushed had to breath, stay relaxed, keep a good posture and move as a whole (the drill from Vladimir's hand to hand DVD). This moved to half squat, duck walking and then back up again. At first, we did it with our eyes open and then eyes closed.

4) In pairs, one student stayed in one position while the other pushed them in different parts of the body. This was done to get the person to breath out when they felt the push, relax and keep a natural posture. It also helped them become more sensitive to the direction of the force being applied. This was done with eyes open and then eyes closed.

5) In pairs, the same was done again but this time they moved around the gym. It was important to move the individual body part being pushed independently while moving the body away as a whole. Focus was put on walking naturally to move the body as a whole. The person pushing tried to push from the hand and keep a connection with the partner. Both students paid attention to breathing, relaxation, posture and natural movement.

6) In order to get the fists, and the person receiving, used to contact ,we walked up and down with the fists on a prone body. This was done 3 times on the front and back. Both people had to breath to release tension and relax. The fist walking was done a little faster so that the fists could find the correct places themselves.

7) We next did the previous pushing drill but this time with the fists. It was necessary to find the correct places to push with the fists. They were preferrably areas with tension or towards places with tension such as the spine.

8) Next, both people joined hands. One person had to try and strike while the other used their arms to evade and guide the attacking arms. They changed arms at their own pace. The point was made not to block or stop the strike but to just redirect it while keeping a connection with the partner.

9) From a further distance away, the person evaded strikes using their body, arms and movement. This then lead into takedowns.

10) Push Ups, Squats and Sit Ups - 10 slow repetitions with breathing.

11) Circle Up

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