Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Futako Shinchi Systema Lesson - 7th November 2010

This was the first lesson I taught in Futako Shinchi.

1) Inhale and stretch the body in different ways while putting tension into the body. On the exhale, you completely relax. This is like when you're waking up in the morning.

2)Walking and running with breathing - 1 step/ 1 In-breath and 1 step/ 1 Out-breath. This went up to 10 steps/1 In-breath etc. and then down again.

3) Push Up, Squat, Sit Up, Leg Raise and Back Extension with feet on the floor - slow twenty seconds repetition (10 seconds in each direction). These exercises were done with constant Burst Breathing.

4) From the toes to head, inhale and gradually tense up the body. Next, exhale and progressively relax the body from the head to the toes. We then did it the opposite way.

5) In pairs, one person knelt down, with their eyes open at the start and then with eyes closed, and their partner softly took them down to the ground by affecting different joints and tension points. Two contact points were used.

6) Same drill but this time on the knees ( higher up on the knees).

7) Same drill but this time from standing. All the way through these drills. emphasis was placed on breathing out in a relaxed way while going down and momentarily being totally relaxed when first meeting the floor. Eyes were closed so that the students could pay more attention to themselves, be more sensitive to movement and also reduce their fear of falling.

8) One partner slowly turned their partner's limbs, such as the wrists and ankles, while the other partner breathed out when the limb was twisted, felt the movement and escaped in a relaxed way. This was done slowly so people could become more sensitive and as a warm up for the various joints. This was done with the eyes open first and then with the eyes closed.  The person receiving did this laying down.

9) Next, the same thing was done, but on the knees, and focus was put on putting tension into the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine and neck. As before, the person breathed, relaxed, kept their form and escaped in a relaxed way feeling the direction of the lock and moving with it.

9) The same drill then moved onto escaping the lock and taking the partner down. As practrised earlier, they affected various joints and tension points. Two contact points were used to create a takedown.

10) From a further distance away, and standing up, one person tried to grab the other in many ways while the other escaped and took tthe attacker down.

11) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Leg Raises - 10 slow repetitons with breathing.

12) Circle Up

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