Saturday, May 18, 2013


From June 2013, Futako Shinchi Systema will become affiliated with Systema Japan. This means that all students will be asked to join the System Japan Membership.

The benefits of having the Systema Japan Membership are:
  • Sports Insurance(スポーツ保険の加入)
  • Reduced prices at Systema Japan events.(システマジャパンのイベント参加費の割引)
  • You can participate in Systema Japan regular, Breathing & Health and ladies classes at the Systema Japan Honbu Dojo.(システマジャパン本部道場で行われるレギュラークラス、呼吸法のクラス、女性の方は女性クラスへの参加も可能になります。)
Systema Japan Yearly Membership - 10,000 yen (includes Sports Insurance).
システマ・ジャパン会員 年会費 ; 10,000円(スポーツ保険含む)

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