Friday, June 12, 2020

Vladimir Vasiliev Systema The Highlights Of Systema Online Class 1 13/6

Thank you so much to Vladimir for this morning’s online class. We went deep into breathing while working with tension and relaxation in a variety of ways. It was like a Master Class. 

Even through the medium of zoom, Vladimir can lead us to a state of relaxation that we can’t usually reach or experience by ourselves. 

Through Vladimir’s clear, concise and simple instructions he’s able to create the conditions where the participants can experience a subtle and deeper level of relaxation for themselves that they possibly didn’t know existed. Truly amazing!

Big thanks to Taka of Systema Tokyo for organizing this class, which is the first of a series of six classes. If today’s anything to go by, the rest of the classes are going to be something special.

Thank you again Vladimir and, of course, Happy Birthday Valerie!

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