Saturday, June 27, 2020

Vladimir Vasiliev Instructors’ Workshop 27/6

Thank you so much to Vladimir for the great Instructors’ Online class this morning. We covered a diverse range topics, such as teaching in actual classes during these corona times, disappearing subtlety and ridding yourself of negative emotions quickly using interesting exercises. These were all based on questions asked by the participants. 

As usual Vladimir’s answers were profound, concise and humorous. The advice was very practical and able to be used immediately. 

What always astounds me about Vladimir is his ability to live outside the box. The answers he gives are always different from what you expect and his creativity in creating new exercises or ways of training continue to be new and fresh. Great for the brain and keeping a younger mindset!

I think the advice he gave to us all in response to the question of how we can maintain our interest and enthusiasm in Systema after many years of training was especially insightful and useful, especially for these times.

“Let the waves of life continue to push you and not cover you.”

Great advice for Systema and life. Thanks to Vladimir and Valerie for these online classes. Every one I’m able to attend is a privilege. 

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