Saturday, July 25, 2020

Systema Osaka’s Mikhail & Daniil Ryabko Online seminar 24/7/20

In Friday’s Mikhail and Daniil Ryabko online seminar organized by Systema Osaka to celebrate it’s 15 year anniversary we did very simple but deep and challenging work.

Mikhail led us through a series of progressively slower and slower core exercises, composing of push ups, squats and leg raises. He led us to places we couldn’t believe anyone would try, at least me anyway😂

By doing these simple exercises you learned to know yourself. You learned how much pride you have, your weaknesses and the limits you impose on yourself. 

We also learned that we have more potential in us than we really know. With breathing, as much relaxation as you can muster and a strong will you can do more than you think or have experienced before. 

I don’t know about anybody else that did this class but I collapsed many times due to too much tension and exhaustion. However, what Systema teaches us is to recover quickly, start again and carry on the best way you can. I feel Mikhail showed us in this class the essence of Systema - to know yourself. 

Mikhail gave us a lot of wisdom about the purpose and benefits of these exercises but I think it’s best to join Mikhail and Daniil’s online classes to get the information directly.

Thanks so much once again to Mikhail and Daniil for the amazing class. Also thank you to Ryo Onishi and Systema Osaka for organizing the event. Happy 15 year Anniversary!

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