Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Systema Japan Lesson - 11th December 2010 - Wrestling and Evasion from Strikes and Kicks.

1) Inhale and stretch the body in different ways while putting tension into the body. On the exhale, you completely relax. This is like when you're waking up in the morning.

2) Static Push Up - 5 minutes. In the last 30 seconds we held it at the half way point

3) Static V Sit Up - 3 minutes. The body and legs were kept up at 45 degrees. In the last minute, both the legs and body were kept just off the floor.

4) Static squat - 5 minutes. When  each minute was completed, we sat a little lower. In the last minute, we squated down to the half way position.

5) Static Back Extension - 2 minutes. We lay on our stomachs with our upper bodies and legs off the floor. The arms were kept on the floor so the shoulders could relax.

6) Everybody lay down next to each other in one line. The students then did forward and back rolls on everybody.

7) In pairs, Partner 1 (P1) kneels like a turtle and Partner 2 (P2)  does front and back rolls over the person. They relax on the partner and roll over them.

8) P1 stands up and puts their hands on their knees. P2 then gets on their back, slides off and does a front roll.

9) P1 pushes P2 in a variety of ways and P1 rolls and goes down to the ground.

10) Push, Grab & Escape - this was started on the ground, then to the knees and standing up and back down again. P1 pushed and grabbed P2 and P2 escaped.

11) One for One - P1 pushed and grabbed while P2 escaped and took them down. P2 then did the same thing to P1.

12) Wrestling - both people worked together and tried to take each other down. This was basically the same as the previous drill but instead of each person going down, they escaped  while keeping their form and balance. Emphasis was placed on it not being a fight but a chance for both people to learn in a calm manner.

13) P1 walks around ,while breathing and keeping their form, and P2 pushes them with their fists and feet. The person had to push while also breathing, keeping relaxed, having good form and walking naturally.

14) Same was done but with striking.

15) P1 evaded the strikes and kicks while walking naturally and using their shoulders, elbows and hands to redirect the strikes.

16) Slow Sparring - it was important for the students to breath, relax, keep good form and do it while walkng naturally. This was about learning not fighting.

17) Slow Ground Wresting - this was used as a  form of massage.

18) Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and Leg Raises - ten slow repetitions with breathing.

19) Circle Up