Monday, January 19, 2015

Systema Japan 14/1/15 Lesson Review



Systema Japan 14/1/15 Class Review

The theme of this month at the Systema Japan Wednesday and Saturday classes is strikes and the main purpose of this class was understanding and applying Internal Work to strikes. To do this, we did various isometric exercises with a partner. For example, two partners placed their fists together and pushed each other. It was important for each person to maintain and gradually increase the pressure while dealing with their own tension and relaxing their bodies. The same exercises were then done but this time with not allowing the partner to introduce any tension into you at all. Basically, the partner's internal tension steadily built up to a point when they were pushing themselves off the partner. This principle was then applied to some specific pushing and striking drills where the partner simply walked towards the striker and received the push or strike. The class finished with using strikes in a free and dynamic way against strikes from the partner, but still focusing on the main principle of the day. Some other concepts were taught, such as guiding strikes, attacking the arms and continuing movement. All of the students did very well and gained a better understanding of this work.

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